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About Us

Since 1985


Our Company

We are a trade workshop situated in the heart of Mayfair. Being highly skilled in silver and goldsmithing we're trained by Aspreys and Wakely and Wheeler, gaining over 50 years of experience.

We provide services from a sympathetic clean to making new works. Dealing with a wide range of items such as silver bowls, cutlery, jugs, tea sets, sporting trophies and many more, we ensure we use only the best techniques and tools in order to produce the best outcome for you.

Our clientele has fluctuated from Royal families, Livery companies, and Military regiments; therefore, we can assure you that your pieces are in excellent hands.

Of course, confidentiality is key, thus we are unable to say for whom we work for out of courtesy of the families and Royal warrant holders. 

For Services, Questions, And Inquiries Please Call or Email Us

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